Saturday, February 22, 2014

It Has Begun...

Welcome to A Megaversal® Miscellany, a blog dedicated - at the moment - to the Dead Reign game by Palladium Books.  Some of you reading this may be familiar with my other blog, The Semi-Retired Gamer, and are probably wondering why I started another blog?  The answer is quite simple - I think there is a shortage of blogs devoted to the Palladium products so I wanted to make one.  I am sure that some of you are wondering why I named this blog A Megaversal® Miscellany when it is dedicated to the Dead Reign game.  I am planning for the future when I hopefully branch out and have content for more of their games; I would like to avoid the big seller at this point because it has plenty of fan sites.  Secondly, I just could not come up with a good name for a Dead Reign blog at the moment, either.

When the content here changes I will update the legal notice at the bottom of the page to reflect that.

What can you expect to find here?  For the moment, it should be just material for Dead Reign such as house rules, zombie variants, new zombie aberrations, campaign chronicles, and new O.C.C.s just to give several examples.  If it can be used in a Dead Reign campaign, then it could possibly be here.  Better yet - here is a question for anyone reading this - what would YOU like to see here?  I am open to ideas and suggestions from all sources.  I am very much open to adding contributors or hosting guest posters in the future so they can share their ideas or resources on this blog.  Feel free to comment below with suggestions.

What can you expect to not find here? Simply put, nothing that violates copyright law, Palladium Books internet policy, or anything questionable from a legal standpoint. 

If something of that nature is accidentally or mistakenly posted here, feel free to point it out so the appropriate course of action can be taken.

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