This is a collection of links related to the various game lines of Palladium Books.

The Creators
Palladium Books
The people behind the creation of these wonderful games.  Their site includes forums, policies, a catalog, and more.

Fan Sites
If you are a fan of Beyond the Supernatural or even horror gaming in general then you need to check out the The House of BtS to see the best Palladium fan site on the web!

Other Blogs With Palladium Content
3rd Age of Dragonwright
Dungeonskull Mountain
Rifts: Making a Worldbook
Rifts: Making it Better
Stabilizing Rifts

The Semi-Retired Gamer
This is my original blog that (mostly) covers role-playing  in general.  I had a few posts of Palladium content there but I decided to start this blog due to the shortage of Palladium blogs.

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